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Camping, Event & Parking rules


Camping Check-In & Ticket Registration


In exchange for a valid ‘Camping All In One Ticket’, you will get, at the camping site entrance, the number of ordered wristbands. These wristbands allow you to access the camping site and event locations. The wristbands must be shown to any member of the organisation team on their simple request.


At arrival, an organisation team member will guide you to your parking spot. Please follow the team member’s instructions: for security reasons, everybody must be parked the same way - no discussions, please, these rules are imposed upon us from the authorities, and are in place for your and everybody’s safety. Thanks for your understanding.


Make sure you have the right number of tickets for every person in your party that will stay with you during the weekend.


The ‘Camping All In One Ticket’ grants you access to the camping and the event locations.

At your first arrival at the camping site, you will get your personal ‘Camping All In One Ticket’-bag. At reception, please inspect immediately its content for everything you have ordered. You will sign off for reception of your bag and its content - no discussions afterwards.


In your ‘Camping All In One Ticket’-bag, you will find:


  • camping ticket from 10 Aug. 2018, 10:00, till 13 Aug. 2018, 16:00

  • 1 camping spot 4m x 8m (campers, caravan)

  • event access for 2 people. Extra people in your party: 5 EUR/p for the whole weekend - please report the number of extra needed tickets BEFORE the event (so we can include the requested wristbands in your bag)

  • children below 12y free, pets free .


You will receive a registration document. Please complete it and put it visible at your windshield. Your camping spot number will be clearly marked on it, and your vehicle will be registered on that spot. Leave it at your windshield for the duration of the event, please.


We wish you a very pleasant stay at your camping spot.


Camping opening hours



10 Augustus 2018 : from 10:00 onwards

13 Augustus 2018 : Closing of the camping area at 16:00 sharp


Camper, Caravan and/or car access to and from the camping is NOT allowed during the main event on 11 August 2018!


Fire Safety On Camping and Parking Lots


The camping is divided into zones, separated by fire lanes. These fire lanes are 6 m wide. Campers, caravans and tents must be parked/placed within the designated areas. The fire lanes should remain clear and accessible at all times.


Objects that are placed in the fire lanes will be removed immediately by the camping team members.


Do’s and Don’ts at the Camping and on the Parking Lots


  • Fire is a safety issue, specifically with so many people around.

  • Open fire (campfire, torches, candles, barbecues (cole of gas), stoves, etc) are therefore strictly prohibited.

  • A designated BBQ Zone will be provided and indicated, where you are welcome to have your BBQ set up.


  • For your and your fellow campers rest and peace, please respect total quiteness from 00:00 till 07:00.

  • Generators are not allowed.

  • In tents and caravans, electric stoves and coolers are NOT allowed. Coolers and refrigerators working on gas are allowed in caravans and campers.


  • Caravan front porches are not allowed.


Pets are always kept on leash.


  • Cars are parked at the dedicated parking near the camping area entrance, NOT at the tent or caravan.


  • Sleep-over in your car on the parking lot is NOT allowed - local authorities will perform regular checks during the night.


  • Campers: if you want/need to drive on and of the camping site with your camper, please report this to the organisation when you book your stay - there are special spots close to the entrance and exit for this purpose. If you have not reported this beforehand, we assume your camper will stay on it’s spot for the duration of the event/weekend (arriving to leaving).

Remember: camper access to and from the camping is NOT allowed during the main event on 11 August 2018!


  • Exception to this rule for Sunday and Monday, as some will leave for home then.


  • Remark regarding bycicles: NO bycicles may be placed against the fence - it is NOT part of the camping ground, but private property of the neighbor.


  • All waste water tanks should be in the CLOSED position, and it is strictly forbidden to empty them at the camping ground. This is also valid for chemical toilets. Those in violation with this rule will be send away from the camping ground immediately.



Don’t Let Thieves Take Their Changes


Leave your valuables at home as much as possible.

Don’t leave any valuables unguarded in your tent.

Nor the camping owner, event organisation or local authorities can be held responsible for any theft during the whole duration of the event weekend.




Restrooms at the camping site are available 24/24 for the duration of the event weekend.


The organisation team can not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of your properties (campers, caravan, tent or any other material items) at the camp site, parking lot or event location.

Participation to the event weekend is at your own risk.

The Organising Team, Local Authorties, and/or other involved organisations can not be held responsible for any personal injuries or material damage.


By accepting the purchase of your tickets you automatically accept this Camping and Parking Rules


The Organising Team